Program - family

Speelman - Pluche (3+)

Is it possible that the stuffed animals are really alive? ‘Pluche' is a show about consolation, being happy, being together, feeling safe, but especially about the imagination.
23 Feb
03.00 PM

Familiedag - Leve de Lente

It is Springtime again What a perfect time for some workshops and various activities and to help add to the fun you and your family will have on this great day.
31 Mar
02.00 PM

Ronde van Vlaanderen - Feest van start tot finish!

It is time again for the Tour of Flanders! Are you a keen supporter during the race? You can watch the race on a giant screen, enjoy the music, a bicycle jukebox, activities, prizes,...
07 Apr
10.45 AM

Moes - Casier en co

An apple tree stands on the stage alongside 3 cabinets containing crazy machines and kitchen utensils. ‘Moes' is a lyrical, highly imaginative show.
27 Apr
11.00 AM