Program - family

Griezelbal 2019 - Halloween voor het hele gezin

Just like every year, we will be celebrating the festival of horror at the Lijsterbes community centre. Come and join us, have fun dancing to the music and admiring the fireworks at the end of the show. The Horror Ball will once again offer lots of fun for the whole family.
26 Oct
06.00 PM

Sinterklaasvoorstelling - Lijsterbes 2019

The Lijsterbes community centre is once again delighted to welcome Santa Claus and his helpers to their venue. And it is more than just a visit, as we will be organising a theatre performance for the occasion. So come along with the whole family.
30 Nov
02.00 PM

Cie Paprika - Nachtzacht

‘Nachtzacht' is an intimate and lyrical musical story for dreamers aged 3 and over. A singer, a pianist, a jack-of-all trades lady. They take the audience into a world full of colours, moods and dreams.
16 Feb
01.30 PM

Slaapconcert - Klassiek voor baby's

Dream away with your baby in a wonderful world of sound. Live music for voice and keyboard alternating with short stories. Sound art and visual effects surround and accompany this enchanting experience
22 Mar
11.00 AM